I’m not good at detailed work… but that’s not an excuse.

-Jack Howl
(Twisted Wonderland)


Flare's Page

☪︎ ☁︎WELCOME ☪︎ ☁︎

Shirou Oogami from BNA

☄ INFO ☄

Death (Puss in Boots)

(Arknights) Lappland, vigil
(Cookie run) Werewolf cookie, Crunchy Chip cookie.
(BNA: Brand New Animal) Shirou oogami
(Beastars) Legoshi/Legosi
(Twisted Wonderland) Jack Howl
(League of Legends) Warwick
(Zenless Zone Zero) Lycaon
(Puss in Boots) Death
(Devil May Cry) Vergil
(Arknights) W, Enforcer
(HI3)Herrscher of Sentience

- !! Boundaries !! -
-Please respect all my bio that says DO NOT repost any of my artwork on any social media. It's ONLY mine posted. So pls don't consider reposting my art.
-Free art? No.-If you're feeling uncomfortable with the disturbing content that I draw.
You better look away if that's not your cup of tea...
-Don't ever talk about the drama that is currently happening. If you dare talk to me, talk to someone else!

Communities I am certainly chill;

  • Honkai (Impact & Starail)

  • Rainworld

  • Arknights

  • Devil May Cry

  • Hollow Knight

  • Cookie run

Games I mostly played:
-Devil May Cry 5
-Honkai Star rail
Games averagely:
-Doom Eternal
-Muse Dash
-Hollow Knight

  • CLip studio paint ex ver.

  • Procreate (Ipad Pro)

  • Wacom cintiq 16, wacom bamboo

  • --(Traditional art)-- Winsor & Newton watercolors, HIMI guache ,Muji pens, sticky notes