I’m not good at detailed work… but that’s not an excuse.

-Jack Howl
(Twisted Wonderland)


Flare's Page

☪︎ ☁︎WELCOME ☪︎ ☁︎

Shirou Oogami from BNA

☄ INFO ☄

Ame from Wolf Children

Wolf husbandos & waifus:
(Arknights) Lappland, vigil
(Cookie run) Werewolf cookie, Crunchy Chip cookie.
(BNA: Brand New Animal) Shirou oogami
(Beastars) Legoshi/Legosi
(Twisted Wonderland) Jack Howl
(League of Legends) Warwick
(Zenless Zone Zero) Lycaon
Non- wolf
(BNHA/My hero) Hawks ||Tokami||
(Devil May Cry) Vergil
(Arknights) W, Enforcer

- !! Boundaries !! -
-Pls be respectful of all my bio that says DO NOT repost any of my artwork on any social media, it's ONLY mine posted. so pls don't consider reposting my art.
-Free art? No.-If you're feeling uncomfortable with disturbing content that I draw.
you better look away if that's not your cup of tea...
-Don't ever talk about the drama that is happening.
(that hurts my head; I want to keep the happy vibes going.)

Fandoms I am certainly chill;

  • The Owl House

  • Devil May Cry

  • Hollow Knight

  • Cookie run

Games I mostly played:
-Devil May Cry 5
Games averagely:
-Cookie Run
-League Of Legends
-Hollow Knight

  • CLip studio paint ex ver.

  • Procreate (Ipad Pro)

  • Wacom cintiq 16, wacom bamboo

  • --(Traditional art)-- Winsor & Newton watercolors, HIMI guache ,Muji pens, sticky notes